The Classical League Table and Total Shots Rates

This is the familiar league table format, complemented with the Total Shots Rate.

The Total Shots Rate, or TSR, is calculated by dividing the total number of shots taken by a team by the total number of shots taken and conceded. If a team takes 10 shots in the match and concedes 15, this team’s TSR would be 10 / (10 + 15) = 0.400. TSR is the an excellent representation of performance and is more reliable than goals scored, conceded or goal difference.
Teams with high TSR’s are expected to rise in the table, if their recent performance level is maintained, while teams with low TSR’s are expected to drop in the table, unless they improve their performance level.
The major caveat with TSR is that it doesn’t correct for level of opposition, but then again, that obviously also holds true for the well respected classical league table.

An extensive explanation of the TSR concept can be found here.

Data provided by Infostrada Sports.

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