Most Valuable Players by Win Points Added

This is the list of Most Valuable Players in terms of Win Points Added.

Win Points Added (WPA) are calculated on the basis of the shift in odds that occur following a certain goal being scored. The odds are taken from bookmaker sites and translated into an expected number of points from the match. During the match, these odds shift, based on the present score line. When a goal is scored, the shift in expected number of points is attributed to the goal scorer and assist provider. More details on this method can be found here.

Data provided by Infostrada Sports.

2 thoughts on “Most Valuable Players by Win Points Added

  1. Hendrik

    Weird to see Jeremain Lens not having made the list until now. Somehow I think that with Bony he is one of the best strikers in Eredivisie. He was great against Napoli in EL and for the Dutch NT he has been pretty clutch as well.


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