4 thoughts on “Video analysis of ADO – PSV, the goals…

  1. Carlton

    Would you say Dutch defences are lazy? 2 goals from slack marking, 1 from lack of pressure and another from lack of organisation. Maybe that’s why the Eredivisie is so high-scoring..

    1. 11tegen11 Post author

      Yes, that may be true, although I think that one video with four goals is hardly any evidence to back this up.

      For those interested in the exact numbers: This link shows that the Eredivisie and the Bundesliga are traditionally the highest scoring leagues indeed.

  2. Rik

    It’s not just the bad defending that makes the Eredivisie so how scoring. It’s also, because most teams are attack minded and don’t play the destruction derby kind of football that relegation candidates in the Premier League play.

    For most dutch people, football is about fun, not winning. Though in recent years the sentiment has changed a bit. (As shown by the dutch world cup performance)


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